What to do when you have nothing to do

It has been a week now since I finished my internship. Meaning that I literally have no more obligations whatsoever!! I basically have a two months summer break, until I start with uni again in September. As amazing as it sound, I do find it hard sometimes to come up with stuff to do in all my free time. In this blog post I will share my ideas of what to do when you have nothing to do!

One thing I always tell myself to do (that is asking a lot of effort though) is working out! Summer break is the perfect time to get back (or stay) in shape. I have had a gym membership for I can’t remember how long, but I have never really had a consistent gym routine. I always aim at going 3 times a week, which lasts for a week (maybe two) and then I end up not going for two weeks.. Yes, the motivation is hard to find sometimes.
So instead of forcing myself to go to the gym, I thought about other activities that I enjoy to stay active. So next to working out in a gym (which I still do about once or twice a week) I try to incorporate any of the following workouts into my day: skating, cycling, hiking or yoga. Skating is great, it doesn’t feel like a lot of effort, but you are constantly moving and burning a lot of calories. Cycling is something I almost do everyday, it’s my main form of transportation. Hiking (or walking) I really enjoy doing in the afternoon or evening. I find that it calms my mind and I simply enjoy spending time in nature. Lately I have also really been into yoga! Two weeks ago, me, my brother and his girlfriend, and a friend of mine went to a yoga class together. I’ve had done yoga before but never reallyyy liked it. But this time it actually felt super good! I was so calm and relaxed afterwards. The others also really enjoyed is, so last week we all went again! I’ve decided that it might be a good idea to add yoga to one of my weekly activity habits 🙂

Going on a hike with Mom!

Next to working out, I also like to take care of my body in a different way. Every now and then I treat myself with an ultimate pamper day/evening. I’ll take a hot shower, shave everyyyything, scrub my body, do a hair masks you name it. Then I’ll do my nails and put on a face mask while watching my favourite youtubers. It can be sooo relaxing sometimes to take care of your body like this.

Something else you could do is baking!! Don’t we all have those saved recipes on pinterest which we want to try out but end up never doing? Well, when you have nothing else to do, is the perfect time to try those haha! Can be anything, cakes, brownies, cookies, whatever you like. And if you don’t want to mess up your new fitness progress you could also try out some healthy baking recipes!

Another really important thing to do is to meet up with your friends or relatives. Finally call that uncle of yours which you promised to visit soon but end up not seeing for months. Or visit your grandma/grandpa! And ofcourse hang out with your friends. Go to your local park, have a picnick, go hiking together, or shopping! I enjoy spending time with my friends and family sooo much. Even if we only hang out to have a drink or something. I just really like being with them, and sharing what we’ve been up to.

Coffee & cakes with friends!

Let’s not forget about our summer readings! Summer is the perfect time to read all the books you’ve had on your wishlist for months but never had the chance to read. I think it’s on almos everyone’s new year’s resolutions, to start reading more in the upcoming year. However, not many actually accomplish, like me.. haha. Therefore, I decided to get a membership to my local library! Now I can borrow all the books I desire :D. It still takes a bit of effort for me to actually pick up a book and start reading (because, let’s be honest, watching a show or some youtube sounds way easier..), but once you start you sort of get into the habit of it. Especially if it’s a really good book! So if you have any recommendations, let me now in the comments 🙂

And of course… during summer we are also allowed to binge-watch all the shows on Netflix that we wish to see. I must admit, this is what I’m doing most of my days … haha! Some shows I recently watch and can highly recommend:

Strangers Things season 3I mean… duh. You just have to
The Good Doctora show on HBO about an autistic surgeon
Big Little Lies also on HBO, I just finished the first season (the second is still running). About a murder on a primary school and all family drama but humor too
La Casa De PapelWe just have to wait a little longer until we can start watching the new season, but if you haven’t watched the first two yet you realy should!!
Glee I just love this show! Although I have watched it for so many times already, I just had to watch it again when it was added to Netflix. Such a feel good show.

Netflix & prrrr

I hope this gives you some inspiration for those days when you feel likfe you really have nothing to do! There is always something fun to do. So instead of just mindlessly scroll on your phone all day, you should try some of the things I mentioned! Have a great summer 🙂



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