Technically, because I’m on summer break, there’s not much of a different between ”working days” and the weekend. However, I still like to treat my Saturday and Sunday as extra special. Time to relax, recharge, and have fun!

Saturday was a day of fun, although, that’s what it was supposed to be haha. Me and my friends planned to go to a music festival for the day! We bought these tickets months ago already and last Saturday the event was finally happening. This festival is called ”By the Creek”, it’s a relatively large festival with all kinds of music, but mostly techno (which I’m not a huge fan of to be honest). The festival itself was a lot of fun though! The main stage hosted some (wannabe) artists, which were amusing to watch and we danced around a little. But, we had only been there for about half an hour when it literally started pouring rain…

Although it was forecasted to rain a little, we didn’t expect it to be this bad! We were hiding for the rain at a small indoor stage where people were doing karaoke. It was actually kind of funny. After a while it was still raining and since we didn’t wanna spend the rest of the day doing karaoke, we all ended up in freakin’ rainponchos, which looked hilarious! Despite the rain, we tried to make most of it. We had some fries, a slice of pizza, enjoyed the music and were goofing around in our rainponchos. We decided to leave a little earlier than we initially planned to. However, I must say, the hours that we did spent there were lots of fun!

You must admit.. the rain poncho looks great doesn’t it 😉

The rest of the evening I spented on the sofa, with a cup of tea, underneath a blanket and watching some TV. Which was just perfect to be honest 🙂

Sunday’s are always super chilled. Sleeping in, drinking coffee, chilling on the couch and slowly getting ready. Although I initially planned on doing absolutely nothing, my mom convinced me to go walking with her. I actually really enjoy going for a walk, so I was easily convided haha! We went to a beautiful wood near the coast, called ”Meijendel”. The weather was great and the place looked absolutely lovely! You could really see that summer has officially started. Everything was green, all the flowers in full bloom and the sun was shining. Although I was feeling a little tired, this walk was so relaxing! I highly recommend going on walks once in a while. I feel like it’s good for your soul haha!! I took some pics during the walk which I’ll share now 🙂

A quiet walk in nature
Beautiful wild flowers everywhere!
We even spotted some wild horses! Half-wild to be honest haha, since one was wearing a transmitter around his nick and we were allowed to pet them 😉

I loved soaking up the sun and felt so relaxed! It’s funny, because I always thought to be a ”city-girl”, but lately I’ve began to realize that I actually really enjoy being in nature. Away from the hectic city life and just being able to smell the fresh air, the trees and the warmth (yes I believe summer has a certain smell haha).

All smiles 😀

To make this Sunday even better, we decided to get ice cream afterwards! We went to our city centre, got ice creams (I decided to go for triple chocolate, which was delish!!) and sat in the sun for a while. As if this day couldn’t get any better, we also had pizza for dinner!! Gosh, I love pizza haha. We all watched the soccer game (world championship female soccer) while enjoying our deliciousss pizzas. Too bad the Dutch team wasn’t good enough, but becoming second is a really good performance too. It for sure didn’t ruin my day haha!

So that was about it! On to a new week full of exciting things 🙂

Lots of love,


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